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Tyre size: 380/85R24 [14.9R24]
Farm Pro 2 85 R-1W Deep Drive

Features & benefits:
  • The Alliance FarmPRO II is a new alliance design to be added in the vast range of agricultural radial tyres.
  • The tyre is characterized by a reinforced construction in the bead area and has an enhanced bead to bead distance to facilitate perfect fit on the rim.
  • It has an enhanced regular cavity to have a straighter sidewall which enhances the tyre's visual appeal.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
84600020 Alliance280/85R24 [11.2R24]115/A8115/B
84600025 Alliance320/85R24 [12.4R24]122/B122/A8
84600026 Alliance320/85R28124/A8124A8/B
84600035 Alliance340/85R24[13.6R24]125/A8125/B
84600040 Alliance340/85R28[13.6R28]127/A8127/B
84600047 Alliance380/85R24 [14.9R24]131/B131/A8
84600070 Alliance380/85R28 [14.9R28]133/B133/A8
84600100 Alliance420/85R34 [16.9R34]142/B142/A8
84600130 Alliance420/85R38 [16.9R38]144/B144/A8
84600140 Alliance460/85R30 [18.4R30]145/A8145/B
84600145 Alliance460/85R34 [18.4R34]147/B147/A8
84600160 Alliance460/85R38 [18.4R38]149/B149/A8
84600165 Alliance420/85R24 [16.9R24]137/A8137/B
84600190 Alliance420/85R28 [16.9R28]139/B139/A8
84600200 Alliance420/85R30 [16.9R30]147/B147/A8
84600260 Alliance480/80R46158/B158A8
84600300 Alliance520/85R38 [20.8R38]155/B155/A8
84600322 Alliance480/80R42 [18.4R42]151/B151/A8
84600021AL Alliance280/85R28118A8118B
84600033AL Alliance320/85R36128/A8128/A8
84600045AL Alliance340/85R36132B 
84600046AL Alliance340/85R38 133A8
84600120AL Alliance380/80R38142/A8142/B
84600180AL Alliance380/85R30 135B
84600325AL Alliance520/85R42 157/A8