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Tyre size: 11.2R28
Power Drive R-1

Features & benefits:
  • Modern radial tyre for high power tractors on heavy duty jobs.
  • Enables more traction, less slippage and lower fuel consumption.
  • Gives better riding comfort, long tread life on the road and saves working hours.
  • New nylon casing, rigid belts, mudguard and a new tread design, with 10 tp 15% increased tread depth.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
35619490 Alliance14.9R30***134A8
43435 Alliance18.4R26137/B140/A8
44253 Alliance11.2R28113/B116/A8
45457 Alliance16.9-2814145/A8
47359 Alliance12.4R32139/B142/A8
48532 Alliance12.4R36143/B146/A8
48665 Alliance13.6R38131/B134/A8
48666 Alliance13.6R38148/B151/A8
48791 Alliance15.5(400/75)R38131/B134/A8