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Tyre size: 23.1-26
Hi-Traction Drive R-1

Features & benefits:
  • The Allaince 347 forest is a steel reinforced agricultural tyres designed for dealing with all kind of light forestry operation.
  • Low lug angles provide higher traction necessary for successful forestry operation.
  • Overall technical characteristic including steel breakers, high undertread and sidewall gauges reinforced bead which enable smooth and reliable forestry operation, as well as potential use of the tyres for agro-industrial application.
  • The basic lug design is R-1, thus, the tyres should not be considered as Logger-Skidder tyres.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
34702227 Alliance23.1-2616159/A8
34702705 Alliance24.5-3212160/A8
34702667AL Alliance23.1-3014 
43530 Alliance23.1-2612153/A8
48230 Alliance23.1-3410153/A8
49102 Alliance18.4-3810148/A8