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Tyre size: 600-16
F-2 Tri Rib

Features & benefits:
  • The Alliance 303 Steering Wheel F-2 tyre is a 3-rib (front wheel) tyre designed for general farming purposes.
  • Its raised centre rib ensures easy steering.
  • The tyre is engineered for quiet rolling and long lasting performance in both on and off-the-road service.
  • The strong nylon construction and use of high grade compounds make it a top quality tyre.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
19762 Alliance500-15673/A8
23413 Alliance600-16680/A8
28112 Alliance750-168103/A6
28840 Alliance900-1610108/A8
29210 Alliance1000-1610111/A8
29615 Alliance1100-1610114/A8
30715 Alliance750-18894/A6
31155 Alliance600-19685/A8