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Tyre size: 200/70R16
Wide Deep Tread 70 R-1W

Features & benefits:
  • A wide base radial tractor tyre for modern and high power tractors on heavy duty, field and hauling jobs.
  • Higher load capability at similar inflation pressure to standard tyre.
  • Gives your fields and crops the best protection.
  • Special deep traction tread, radial nylon casting, rugged belt, mud guard and unique shoulder design ensure best power efficiency and long life.
  • A large foot print reduces soil compaction.
  • No rim change is required when switching from standard tyres to this wide design.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
37010150 Alliance600/70R28158/B161/A8
37010411 Alliance600/70R30152/B152/A8
37001780AL Alliance320/65R16  
37002333AL Alliance340/65R20 124/121
15451 Alliance200/70R1694/B94/A8
22586 Alliance240/70R16101/B104/A8
22685 Alliance260/70R16106/B109/A8
29735 Alliance280/70R16109/B112/A8
30941 Alliance280/70R18111/B114/A8
34836 Alliance260/70R20110/B113/A8
34838 Alliance280/70R20113/B116/A8
34839 Alliance300/70R20117/B120/A8
34841 Alliance320/70R20120/B123/A8
34842 Alliance360/70R20129/B129/A8
36695 Alliance380/70R20122/B122/A8
45811 Alliance480/70R28 [19.5LR28]151/A8145/E
46232 Alliance480/70R30 [19.5LR30]155/A8149/E
48296 Alliance620/70R26177/A8177/A8
48596 Alliance800/70R38178/B178/A8