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Tyre size: 540/65R34
Agri- Star R-1W

Features & benefits:
  • The 365 tread pattern represents the new family of modern radial agricultural tyres with low aspect ratio.
  • High tyre volumes, as well as low inflation pressure provide high traction capabilities and high soil protection.
  • High and elastic lugs together with optimum numbers of lugs promise excellent self-cleaning capability.
  • Strong nylon carcass and rigid belts define long tyres life.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
36516565 Alliance480/65R24140/D143/A8
36517950 Alliance540/65R24140/D146/A8
36518808 Alliance540/65R38153/D156/A8
36580141 Alliance600/65R34151/D151/154
36580338 Alliance710/70R38166/D168/A8
36516559AL Alliance440/65R24135D138/A8
36516710AL Alliance440/65R28  
36517712AL Alliance480/65R28142/D145/A8
36517951AL Alliance540/65R24 146D
36518400AL Alliance540/65R30150/D153/A8
36518802AL Alliance540/65R34155A8152D 155
36550168AL Alliance600/65R34157D157/160A
36550246AL Alliance600/65R38  
36581505AL Alliance650/65R38166/D169/A8
36581510AL Alliance650/65R42170D173/A8
36588012AL Alliance540/65R28149D152/A8
46156 Alliance600/65R28147/D150/A8
48258 Alliance600/65R34151/D154/A8