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Tyre size: 400/60-15.5
Flotation I-3

Features & benefits:
  • Tubeless flotation tyre with good self cleaning characteristics suitable for agricultural implement, and particlur for towed vehicles.
  • High load capacity at low inflation pressures prevent damage to fields and crops.
  • Suitable for on and off-the road agricultural service on trailers, tractors and large implements.
  • Strong nylon construction and compounds ensure long life.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
32827054 Alliance550/45 - 22.516159/A8
32826751AL Alliance400/60-15.514145A8
32826825VP Alliance400/60-15.516 
32827071AL Alliance400/60-15.516 
32828108VP Alliance500/60-22.516 
32832150VP Alliance550/60-22.516 
32832520AL Alliance600/50-22.516 
32835319AL Alliance700/40-22.516 
32840020AL Alliance700/50-22.516 
32887060VP Alliance550/45-22.516 
32897021VP Alliance400/55-22.516 
32897081VP Alliance500/45 - 22.516 
19500 Alliance400/60-15.514145/A8
19503 Alliance400/60-15.516149/A8
22394 Alliance500/60-15.512152/A8
30514 Alliance500/55-1712147/A8
30574 Alliance400/55-17.516149/A8
35090 Alliance550/45-22.516151E156B
35097 Alliance550/60-22.516166/A8
35102 Alliance400/55-22.516152/A8
35107 Alliance600/50-22.516165/A8
35108 Alliance600/50-22.516157E161B
35109 Alliance500/45-22.516154/A8
35112 Alliance500/60-22.516163/A8
35130 Alliance600/55-22.516161E166B
35243 Alliance700/50-22.516166E
35679 Alliance400/60-22.518160/A8
44226 Alliance700/50-26.516166C170B
47250 Alliance750/60-30.512164/A8
47251 Alliance850/50-30.516186/A8