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Tyre size: 23x8.00-11
ATV Directional

Features & benefits:
  • Designed specifically for ATV's and go-cart's.
  • Smooth ride and unmatched performance that stems from an aggressive tread pattern with deep lugs.
  • A directional tread pattern with deep lugs excels in loose to intermediate terrains, able to shed mud but also roll smoothly on hardpack.
T4U Code BrandSizePly RatingLoad Index & Speed Rating
16505 Bushmate25x8.00-126 
16520 Bushmate25x12.00-106 
16521 Bushmate23x8.00-116 
16522 Bushmate24x9.00-116 
16523 Bushmate24x10.00-116 
16524 Bushmate24x8.00-126 
16531 Bushmate25x8.00-126 
16532 Bushmate25x10.00-126 
16546 Bushmate25x10.00-126 
16548 Bushmate24x8.00-126 
16558 Bushmate23x8.00-116 
16559 Bushmate24x9.00-116 
16560 Bushmate24x10.00-116 
16561 Bushmate25x12.00-106 
16562 Bushmate27x9.00-148 
16563 Bushmate27x11.00-148